136/365_2018 May 16

I love dianthus! They are annuals but
you always get 2 or 3 years out of them.

135/365_2018 May 15

A "Tank" size hole!
I don't think we have ever had a dog that
likes to dig as much as Tank does. Ugh!

134/365_2018 May 14

My roses are pretty this year.

133/365_2018 May 13

He is picking me asparagus for Mother's Day,

132/365_2018 March 12

T is for Teresa!

131/365_2018 May 11

These flowers are from the USO of Illinois
in honor of our son for Mother's Day.
They smell just as pretty as they look!
The Village Florist in Cisne always does
such a great job!

130/365_2018 May 10

I made a few art/junk journals. I am having fun making these!

129/365_2018 May 09

I have a little collection of globes!

128/365_2018 May 08

Come take a walk in my yard!

127/365_2018 May 07

Currently Loving 
Art Journaling, Junk Journaling, getting messy. 

126/365_2018 May 06

Not a very good picture but the only one I took.
Spent the day working in the yard and then
Kevin fixed us some bacon on the grill.


Lucky Find
Went to the Wayne City rummage sales with
Mom and Cristy. This was my find for $1.
I looked it up on eBay and it was selling for $25.

124/365_2018 May 04

Hunter took me on a country drive looking for asparagus.
Guess we should have brought Kevin because we didn't
find any!

123/365_2018 May 03

The crabapple is losing all its pretty flowers.

122/365_2018 May 02

My mom made this quilt from old jeans.

121/365_2018 May 01

My flowering crabapple was so pretty this year!

120/365_2018 April 30

A sand dollar we found at the beach, can't wait
to go to the beach this summer!

119/365_2018 April 29

Kevin can spot asparagus a mile away. 
Love fresh asparagus!!

118/365_2018 April 28

He finally did it! We have a new driver in the family!

117/365_2018 April 27

Repeating Patterns
So glad hostas love our yucky clay soil
because I love hostas!

116/365_2018 April 26

Hunter is using one of Jamie's dog tags for his key chain.