81/365_2018 March 22

Water Drops
This was a fun prompt!
I have got a little starburst!

80/365_2018 March 21

Like A Painting

Layers - Blended - Abstract
Hello, #4!

79/365_2018 March 20

Beautiful Blur
Two of my favorite colors!

78/365_2018 March 19

Notice Me 
Draw Attention - Stand Out - Monochrome 
I love to watch all the stages of this flowering pear tree!
It won't be long and it will be full of white flowers!

77/365_2018 March 18

Burry | Focus |Background
Having fun playing with chalk and my nieces.

76/365_2018 March 17

Get Around
Transportation | Vehicle | Car

I love my little Jeep Renegade, dirt and all!
Yes I live on a gravel road so it doesn't get
washed very often, it's a waste of my time!

75/365_2018 March 16

Where I Stand I Hobby I Leisure Time I What You Love

I am really enjoying art journaling in my Bible.