My lovely friend Ruth brought this back from
India for me! It is a wooden bookmark.
I love the colors, the sparkles, the elephant!


My CY365 prompt for today was "Up In The Air"
It was rainy all day and I couldn't think of anything
""Up In The Air", so my POTD is
Sunshine! It is "Up In The Air" when she will have
her baby! 


Today's prompt was burst, I asked Hunter to help by blowing bubbles
but he wasn't interested. When I asked him to
pop water balloons he was all for it! Thanks, Hunter!


The prompt for the day was Taking Off.
This one had me stuck, I walked around the yard and nothing, no bird, no animal, no nothing. 
So I sat in my swing and decided maybe I could take off!


My niece Emma helped me out with my
photo of the day today. I might need to
let her live with me because Hunter doesn't
like to get his picture taken!
Practicing Shutter Speed - Motion/Action/Blur


Ruby thinks she owns the porch swing.
So much for putting out cute pillows!


Where I Stand - Parts of our yard are a muddy mess!
Ready for spring!


My beautiful friend Carol went to India last month.
These were a gift from her, they are little nesting boxes,
so pretty.


A few weeks ago we went to Menards to pick out some
lumber for my Birthday/Valentine's Day. We
are going to build an outdoor table!
So Kevin surprised me with a box of my favorite
chocolates for Valentine's Day.