111/365_2018 April 21

Wonderful signs of spring!

110/365_2018 April 20

This little guy is so cute when he scratches!

109/365_2018 April 19

There were about a dozen buzzards over at
the old barn.

108/365_2018 April 18

Photograph Texture

Black and White | Patterns | Essence
Just some bicycle rims and succulents.

107/365_2018 April 17


Close Up | Crop | Details
Yesterday snow and sleet! Today in the 50's!

106/365_2018 April 16

Fixing my salads for the week.

105/365_2018 April 15

I spent my afternoon coffee staining a few

104/365_2018 April 14

A Dreaded Chore
I dread fixing dinner every night!

103/365_2018 April 13

We have a new truck owner in the house! 😎
Now let's see if he gets motivated to go get his driver's license! 
I have my doubts 😆

102/365_2018 April 12

Made my first art journal from an old book. I made lots of mistakes but I think it turned out pretty cute for my first one. I had all the supplies so I didn’t have to go out and buy anything. Now I know why they charge $30+ for one on Etsy, that was work! 😆