Mamma Bird

This little Killdeer made a
home for her eggs in our driveway!

Church with the Lairds!

Great fun, great message, great people!
The Lairds have been meeting on Sunday afternoons
to have church.
This is the Sunday I went!

Snow in March

Just a few pictures of the snow from Monday.

December 08 2015

Playing with Bokeh!!

December 07 2015

 Hunter wrapping his Christmas Gift.
 All Wrapped!
Tree top!

July 10 2015

Summer time yumminess!

July 08 2015

Not sure why he thinks it is
ok to put a flashlight in his mouth?!

July 07 2015

Junk finds of the day!

July 06 2015

Hunter brought home a couple of leis from
Hawaii for Jamie's grave.

July 05 2015

Best Buds, Bob and Ruby!!