September 30 2010


September 29 2010

Sea Oat Grass or something>
I don't know it was just pretty.

September 28 2010


September 27 2010

So they are weeds but they are so pretty!!

September 26 2010

"Wish Upon a Star"

September 25 2010

Race for the Cure
That is a lot of pink!!

September 24 2010

That's my guy!

September 23 2010

Let's Paint!

September 22 2010


September 21 2010

Gotta love that smile!

September 20 2010

Pretty Green Weed!

September 19 2010

"Wall Flower"

September 18 2010

My creative corner is organized!!

September 17 2010

Little Purple ConeFlowers!

September 16 2010

Gotta love that face!!

September 15 2010

Pretty Pretty little butterfly!

September 14 2010


I found this interesting:
The Jewel Weed Stem should be crushed and the liquid rubbed into the skin contacted by the Poison Ivy and symptoms will not appear or will be much less troublesome.
Jewel Weed is an effective natural herbal remedy not only for poison ivy, but also for poison oak, okra spines, stinging nettle, and other irritating plants; as well as bug bites and razor burn. Jewel Weed, is also used for acne, heat rash, ringworm and many other skin disorders.

September 13_2010

"Miniature Pumpkin"

September 12 2010

Wow look at what my creative husband made.
Two little baskets out of acorns.

September 11 2010

Remembering 9-11
and remembering Jamie

September 09 2010

Jolly Green Pumpkin!

September 08 2010

One of the note-cards that the Girls of Grace made to
give out to ladies with breast cancer.

September 07 2010

Don't count your chickens before they hatch!

September 06 2010

"Home Tweet Home"

September 05 2010

"Passion Flower"

September 04 2010

"Harvest Time"

September 01 2010

I love it when it rains and the sun is still shining!!
Gotta love fall!!

August 31 2010

Johnsonville School had open house tonight.
Looks like someone had lots of fun!