February 24 2010

We love Citgo Chicken!!  (well Hunter and I do)

February 23 2010

I love cheese boxes!  Actually I just love wooden boxes!

February 22 2010

The cool makeup Jenny, Shelley, Vadawn, Nena, 
Lori, and I discovered at Walmart.  
We thought it was awesome!

February 21 2010

Hunter with the props from Sunday's lesson.  He was going around
saying $5, $5 footlong.

February 20 2010

Just a few of the packed up boxes waiting to be taped up and sent on their way!

February 19 2010

Some of the snack cakes that we are getting ready to send to the troops in memory of Jamie.  We had tons of stuff, thanks to those who came up with the idea and those who helped!

February 18 2010

Driving down our lovely gravel road, where in the heck is the gravel??
What are those Amish buggies going to do when they get here.

February 17 2010

Spongebob!  Rhonda gave me this cute little plant, she wanted me to
know she was thinking of me in Florida!  Sweet!  (Hunter and I named him 
spongebob since he looks like a pineapple.)

February 16 2010

Again Cody was here!  When you have boys and 4-wheelers you
never have a pretty yard of snow!

February 15 2010

Poor little lady stuck in the snow!  I took this during Hannah's photo shoot, sorry you won't 
be seeing those pictures on here!  I'll let ya know when and where!  They turned out AWESOME!!

February 14 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!  We decorated gingerbread houses for
Valentines, this is my niece Emma I think she ate more
than she put on her house!  That look just cracks me up!

February 13 2010

Cody's Valentine gift from his Girl!  They were awesome!

February 12 2010

Penguins love a little peanut butter and chocolate!! 

February 11 2010

Haaa School Valentines!

February 10 2010

We gave away gingerbread houses tonight at church, Flora Walmart gave
us a ton of Christmas stuff and there were about 75 houses.
Hunter also made me a card, just out of the blue no one told him to. 
 It said "I love you Mom, love Hunter"  Sweet!

February 9 2010

Snow days!

February 8 2010

Paper work, ugh spent the whole day doing paper work.  
"I promise not to wait until the last minute next year" ;)

February 7 2010

Amish country (WHATEVER!!)
I actually took this picture on the 6th but I didn't
like any from the 7th.  Hey my blog I can
make up the rules as I go =)

February 6 2010

Hunter had to put this flower in a vase
and put it on our table.

February 5 2010

"Our Marine" with his quilt I had my mom make.  He is
a John Deere collector, I think he liked it what do
you think.  My  mom and her sisters made this quilt in less
than a week.  Awesome! 

February 2 2010

What can I say it's Cody!

January 30 2010

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Russel gave Hunter this art easel
for Christmas.  He loves to draw and paint. 

January 29 2010

Can  you say dirty look, hee hee!

January 28 2010

Cody was here!  For some reason he likes to destroy the water bottle when he 
is finished with it!

January 26 2010

Our little Bonsai Tree!  Isn't it just the cutest little Bonsai Tree you have seen.  
Someone sent it to us as a sympathy gift, good thing
it came with instructions!  So fun.

January 24 2010

My Awesome friends planned Hunter's 8th Birthday party for me!
He and everyone else had a great time!  
I am so thankful for my friends!!
(Grace looks like it is her party standing right there
 in the middle too cute)

January 22 2010

A gift from our Marine and his wife, she made them.  The red was vanilla, the green was cinnamon, and the blue was mint. 
 They were delicious! 

January 17 2010

My favorite Ninja, look at all his snacks in his pocket!

January 16 2010

Hunter's class set out flags, his is the one in the middle.  Mrs Welty is the best teacher ever!!
  Hunter was very proud of his flags!
One of the flags that the neighbors placed around the neighborhood.  
So proud to see the communities come together.  
Seeing all the flags meant a lot to us!

January 15 2010

Hunter and Kevin looking at pictures for Jamie's slideshow (My Son Jamie was killed in Afghanistan January 11) 
I have two photos for January 15 couldn't decide between the two, so here is my
other one!
 Some of my besties helping me out!  I love my friends we are
always there for each other!  Couldn't ask for a better "posse"

January 13 2010

There wasn't much snow but Hunter wanted to get out there and play in it 
I think he would have went outside with only his shirt and undies but I
talked him into pants, boots, coat, and accessories! 

January 2 - January 10 2010

So I didn't get this blog started at the first of the year so I am trying my best to
get caught up!  Here are the Random Photo Of The Day pictures for the first of January 2010!
This is Hunter's crazy little float that he made.  Very unique!
This is Hunter's toys that he usually has strung clear across the living room!
My organized plastic cabinet!!  Let's see how long it stays organized!
Gotta love the Color!
My new camera bag, bought it with some of my Christmas money.  
Cody looks real cute carrying it around!
Hunter's favorite snack, he eats it all the time!
Eating "Hunter's Pepperoni Pasta" his all time 
favorite dish.  With lots and lots of Parmesan Cheese! 
I only took pictures at Church this morning but I thought this
one of Misty was cute.  She helped with lesson, she is an
awesome girl.  Love her and her sister's!! (and Mom)