March 20 2012

I love spring and the
flowers it brings!!
Here are my lovely tulips,
I added some Kim Klassen textures
to them! 

March 18 2012

Luther's new toy.

Lollipops new collar.

March 17 2012

These came from a woods somewhere
when we went mushroom hunting
a few years ago.

March 16 2012

Lovin' Me Some Yellow!

March 15 2012

I love these trees
but man they sure do stink!!

March 14 2012

Happy Pi Day
Okay use your imagination
and you can see the 
Pi symbol!!=)

March 12 2012

12 on the 12th!
Signs of Spring!

March 11 2012

 Happy 20th Birthday to
my baby boy!!
(well he was the baby for 10 years
until Hunter came along!)

You can see the rest of the photos here:

March 10 2012

Well here we go again!
These are bird dog pups
kinda look like little rats!

March 09 2012

Time to plant some flowers!

March 08 2012

Game time!

March 07 2012

I love these little daffodils,
wish I would remember to
plant more in the fall!!

March 06 2012

Fun little dead weed =)

March 05 2012

My Birthday present from Cristy,
love all the colors, fun!

March 04 2012

Oh they crack me up!!
Patsy, Sherley, Virginia, 
Pam, Faye, Linda (aka Mom), Nina

March 03 2012

Hunter is ready for
Tyler to come over and
play video games!

March 02 2012

March 01 2012

A little scum on the
pool cover.

February 29 2012

Leaping into March
on Leap Day!

February 28 2012

I got these containers from IKEA
wish there was one closer!!

February 27 2012

Lovn' me some old stuff!

February 26 2012

Such a great day to
ride the dirt bike!

February 25 2012

Oh My!

February 24 2012

Puppy Love! Sweet!

February 23 2012

Looks like Hunter is starting
a new sport, Skating in the Mud!

February 22 2012

A Fleur de lis from my 
friend Shelley!!

February 21 2012

Walking the dogs!

February 19 2012

Oh the joys of having dogs!

February 18 2012

Kevin took me to Shogun Japanese Grill
for my birthday!!
It was his first time there and he
loved it, can't wait to go again!! 

February 17 2012

The view from our Hotel Room.
Pretty flag waving in the wind.

February 16 2012

Helping Dad pull the truck into the shed
so it can be fixed! 

February 15 2012

My Happy Birthday Card
(a day early)

February 14 2012

"I don't like this white stuff!!"

February 13 2012

Getting those Valentines ready for 
his party!!
And no it is not that cold in our
house, I have no clue why he has
no shirt on and a coat on!!