October 19 2010

Homework in a box!!

October 18 2010

Enjoying some bike riding before it gets cold!

October 17 2010

Lego's in the sand!

October 16 2010

Poor little branch.

October 15 2010

Happy trails!

October 14 2010

His favorite blankets!

October 13 2010

Let there be light!

October 12 2010

Hunter wouldn't let me put his picture on here
so this is what you get!  (Ok so he was riding his 
bike in his underwear!)

October 11 2010

Thank ya thank ya very much.

October 10 2010

Just a few of my fabulously awesome volunteers!!

Blast From the Past Saturday!

Me in 1968!

October 09 2010

There is a little fall color out there!

8 on October 8!

Just playing around.

October 07 2010

The perfect after school snack.
(Hunter fixed his own snack)

October 05 2010

We need some rain look at all
that dust on the pokeberries.

October 04 2010

Gourd Trio!

October 03 2010

We went to the pumpkin patch Sunday
she was the only one that would cooperate
so I could take pictures!

October 02 2010

Hannah's prom date brought this to Chris.
It was delicious! 

October 01 2010

Fall is here!