August 7 2012

Playing with my camera
see if you can tell when Hunter has
had enough! hahaha!
I need a new model!

August 6 2012

Just hanging out and still flying the green flag
from OC Kids Camp!!!
Go Green Team!

August 5 2012

Gma Linda taught 
Hunter how to play Jacks!

August 4 2012

I tried to take a picture of Emma on the
but it was to fast!

August 02 2012

August 03 2012

"What?, It's hot out here!!,
Sunshine can share her water!"

July 31 2012

One of the construction workers
left his lunch box=)

July 30 2012

Hunter's new recipe,
garlic toast with pepperoni and cheese.

July 29 2012

Starting a new trend,
garbage bags as shirts!

July 28 2012

Back to Illinois we go...
oh what a long day in a car!!

July 27 2012


July 26 2012

Taking a break from reeling in a big fish.
and here it is!!!
Way to go Hunter!!

July 25 2012

That's Mom and Kevin
out there!
Hunter had a 24hour bug so
we were up in the condo.

July 24 2012

George's New Nose!

My Awesome Husband!

July 23 2012

I love to watch the lifeguards
put all the umbrellas up!

July 22 2012

Sand Castle time!

July 21 2012

The view from our balcony and
our little beach bum.

July 20 2012

On our way to Panama City Beach!
Stopped at the rest area in Alabama with
the Rocket!
Wish it would have been daylight Hunter
was to tired to really care. He was
here once before when he was
6months old, when we picked Jamie 
up from space camp.

July 19 2012

Hunter and Kevin cleaned out the car before VACATION!!
This is one of my Treasures that Hunter found.
Yes sometimes I am like a kid, I like little treasures!!
My car always has something in it, right now I 
believe there is a piece to a baler in the 
front floor board=)

July 17 2012

Pizza Time!!

July 16 2012

Our little Elephant!

July 15 2012

Yummy Yum, Cheese!
Have a cheese fry!!
My Niece Lydia!!

July 14 2012

The beginning of closet organization,
need more shelves, containers, and
other stuff!!!

July 12 2012

12 on the 12th!!!

Just a few snapshots of our
construction project.