March 25 2010

For all you out there that don't think I cook!

March 24 2010

More signs of spring! My favorite Season!

March 23 2010

shhh!  Don't tell gma Shirley, his Dad made him do it!

March 22 2010

I don't know it was after 10:00 and I didn't have a picture!

March 21 2010

Farming on the Nintendo!

March 20 2010


March 19 2010

Just for my favorite Jen Wren Friend!  

March 18 2010

My beautiful girls!  Meet Sunshine and Macy!

March 17 2010

March 16 2010

This photo is a little blurry, but I love his expression!!  
Who knows what he was thinking!

I Heart Faces "Bundled Up" Challenge

Thought I would enter a photo at
I am so ready for spring!!

Be sure to head on over to check out all of the beautiful face entries this week!"

March 15 2010


March 14 2010

Oh mommy I need a haircut!  

March 13 2010

Logan with a whimsical smile.

Kevin and I took Logan and Hunter to a Youth Field Trial, 
we had fun.  Logan won 1st place in his age group
Hunter won Outstanding Handler in his.

March 12 2010

Hunter with his cute little St Patrick's Day Hat!

Cole and Hunter at the Japanese Restaurant before the 
Skillet/TobyMac Concert!!  What a fun night!  Look at their shirts, 
looks like they are ready to Rock!!

March 11 2010

The guys from Afghanistan sent us a flag in memory of Jamie.  

March 10 2010

This is what happens when I say smile!

March 09 2010

Good thing I have Hunter hanging around, he said "Mom you
have to take your picture"  so we took this at 9:00 ish and
Cody said isn't he supposed to be in bed and I said Hunter
get in bed!

March 08 2010

Deep in thought, must be thinking about that pretty girl he texts all the time!

March 07 2010

Another beautiful day at Gma's, that's Emma, 
she and Hunter had a great day playing
outside in the awesome sunshine! 

Hunter's photo of the day, March 06 2010

Hunter took this picture, I set up the camera and then he snapped (a little hard
since the camera is almost as big as he is).  

March 06 2010

Hunter's awesome dirt bike!

March 05 2010

My encouragement board.  This is in my office at work, I like to stick all 
my little notes and cards people give me on here! 

March 04 2010

New shower curtain, and yes I have all boys and yes they use this bathroom.  But I don't care
I like my new shower curtain!

March 03 2010

WOW it takes a lot of supplies for Kid's Church on Sunday mornings!  What a big pile of bright colors!

March 02 2010

So I waited until this evening to take a picture and was stuck!  But I thought this was cute
Hunter put Back on the back of his gingerbread house (which it is time for them to go in the trash!).

March 01 2010

Our Cats are ready for some warm weather!!  Me too!

February 28 2010

Not a real warm day but warm enough to roll around in the grass.

February 27 2010

Now that's a mouth full!!  Our friends Carol and George treated us to Dinner at Chili's.  
Good food + good friends= good times!  Thanks guys!

February 26 2010

I was playing with a fisheye lens no clue what I was doing.  But it was fun fun funny!!

February 25 2010

Today's photo is actually 5 photos, I was inspired by Katrina's blog post 
so Hunter and I did a photo walk around our House we found green (not hard in our house), a cute little chunky snowman, CHEER!, a retro stapler, and Hunter's feet I love how soft and smooth they are!
For my page I created a 9square template and used Digital paper from LivEdesigns Spraground Sun Fun Paper Pack 2, (Stripeys, Vineyard, Bubble Hill, and Moss)