March 31 2015

So blessed to call this man pastor
and friend. One of the few people
I could actually talk to. 
I sure do miss you my friend!

March 28 2015

Hunter's CDC find of the day,
I am pretty sure we already have
these but for $2 who could pass them up!!

March 25 2015

I can't wait to see what color
this are!

March 24 2015

My new jewelry box!
I could paint it but
I kinda like it like it is.

March 21 2015

Carol and I had a fun afternoon
playing with this stuff!!

March 19 2015

Plates for $3 not bad, I have already
used them in a project!

March 18 2015

Hunter doing what he does best, being
goofy, watching tv, and playing games!

March 14 2015

Our friend Carol gave us some new glasses!

March 12 2015

So I got my coconut oil! Know what?
By the way the coconut in the health
section is more expensive than the coconut
in the cooking section. Both Oranic Extra Virgin!

March 11 2015

I got this in a box I paid $1 for.
It is a "it makes me happy" platter!

March 08 2015

We had a great time celebrating
Miss Lydia's Birthday!

March 06 2015

One of my very few sewing projects!
A rabbit made from my Grandpa
Laird's blanket. My mom had to patch
him up.
I sure do miss my grandparents!

March 05 2015

My Grandma Opal Solomon's stamps, she was
blind and always believed she would be healed.
In the end she received the ultimate healing!!

March 03 2015

My next project, might add
some mosaic to it.

March 01 2015

It was a hot chocolate kind of day!

February 28 2015

Not sure who taught this
boy how to dress for 

February 27 2015

My first attempt at mosaic,
this is a small table top.

February 26 2015

is made with upholstery type material.
My mom didn't know what to do with it
so it went in the closet.
I pulled it out the other day and now
I use it for a rug in my artsy fartsy room! 

February 25 2015

Not sure how he stayed warm
without zipping up!

February 21 2015

February 19 2015

Dancing in the snow!

February 18 2015


February 17 2015

February 16 2015

Hunter's Selfie!

February 14 2014

Just a few of the beauties at
the Butterfly House!

February 13 2015

I didn't want to pay $5 for a card
so I just designed and made my own!

February 12 2015

Reminds me of Hunter!