August 06 2011

On our way to the Stroud's
to start our road trip!!

August 05 2011

My toes are all ready for the big boat!!!

August 04 2011

Sleep Tight Friend!

August 03 2011

Surprise Lilies!

August 02 2011

This reminds me of the
Chinese Silhouette Puppet Show
that I seen while I was in China.

July 29 2011

My little Opera Star!

July 28 2011

 Driving home from Grandma's.
Man that was a long two miles!

July 25 2011

A Corny blog post!! Haha!

July 24 2011

Passion Flower
Here is some interesting facts about the Passionflower:

July 23 2011

A trip to the City!!  
Fun Times!!

July 22 2011

Hurry get over the wall!!

July 21 2011

The new garage makes a great
skating rink!!

July 20 2011

This is how I decorate a little
"Blink, Blink" with a little "Junk"!

July 19 2011

July 18 2011


July 17 2011

Fun times, looks like he is sitting on the ladder.
Hunter said who is that fat guy?  
I said that is you!!
He said no it is not!

July 15 2011

Round and Round and Round and Round
and Round and Round and Round!!

July 14 2011

These things are crazy when they
get stuck in a tire!!

July 13 2011

Parking garage!

July 12 2011

The clouds were cool!

July 11 2011

July 10 2011

Blackberry Lily!

July 09 2011

Wow that is a big strawberry!

July 08 2011

Got Milk?
Haha! Not a very good picture but
that's what happens when you
wait until 11:00 p.m. to take your
photo of the day!!

July 07 2011

Aye Aye Captain!

July 06 2011

July 05 2011

Some weird little mushroom.

July 04 2011

We had a visitor!