July 30 2014

Superheroes on vacation.

July 29 2014

Fishing off the pier. Kevin's sucker fish
was a big hit!

 The Penguin sets sail!

July 28 2014

Hanging out on the pier.

Batgirl on Lookout duty!

What a smile! Oh my!

July 27 2014

Robin is ready for the beach!

Ice cream not so easy to eat in all the wind!

July 26 2014

We made it!

July 25 2014

Hotel prettiness!

July 24 2014

I Love surprise lilies,
they just appear as
if by magic!!

July 23 2014

Nothing says I love you like
heart shaped popcorn chicken =)

July 22 2014

July 20 2014

Brothers and Sister
Fun day spent with friends!

July 19 2014

July 18 2014

 Flower Randomness
Had a great time at the City Museum
with this Awesome Group of kids!!

July 17 2014

I love my farmers!!

July 15 2014

July 13 2014

Hunter's baptism!
So exciting!

July 12 2014

Such a good kitty, she just
minds her own business most
of the time!

July 11 2014

Enjoying some fresh corn!