May 25 2010

"Tree Frog, Oh Tree Frog"

May 23 2010

At Cody's graduation!  Yeah Cody!!

May 22 2010

Nice, cold drink!!  and "Whatcha doing!"

Blast From the Past Saturday!

Kevin's Grandma & Grandpa Lowe.

May 21 2010

"Iris thingie"

May 20 2010

Future "Picasso" 

May 19 2010

What an Ugly Rooster!!
Who knew turkeys and chickens could interbreed? This bird looks like a turkey due to its "naked neck", 
but it's all chicken! It was bred this way to be easier for cooks to pluck. 

May 18 2010

"In the green!"

May 17 2010

Do you see my cute little Pistachio (a spachio) back there?

May 16 2010

Cody and his stupid horse, actually she is pretty smart.
She got mad at Cody and wouldn't eat an apple from him,
I picked it up and feed it to her and she ate it!

May 15 2010

"Bob the Science Kid"

May 14 2010

Cody and Alan Best buds!

May 13 2010 - Photo B

I think this is the only thing alive on this tree.

May 13 2010 - Photo A

"Looking Out the Window"

May 12 2010

Stuck in the mud!

Two For Tuesday May 11 2010

This picture is for Alane, she said "that hosta is huge!"

May 11 2010

Can you see the poor little blue jay that was stuck in my car?
I opened the hood and it took him awhile but he finally flew out.

May 10 2010

Poor cat she is almost a year old
and she has no name!
We just call her cat!

May 9 2010

This is one two year old that doesn't sit still, but I 
did get a few good pics of her.
My sister told me she was tired of looking at my flowers
I told her to stop looking!!

May 8 2010

The wisteria is in bloom, and is taking over!!  But it is so pretty!

Blast From the Past Saturday!

I took these at the Johnsonville Post-office,
love the vintage look of the post-office!
Hunter Perry October 2003 - 21 months.
My silly boy with his silly grin!  
This picture was taken at 9:37 p.m.
It is Midnight Night (the night he gets to stay up until midnight)

May 6 2010

The first day lily, well the first one I noticed anyway.

May 5 2010

Love those eyes!  
I ask him everyday what my photo
should be and he always says "me!"

May 4 2010

Glad I have lots of flowers to take pictures of!  
Although Hunter always wants me to take his picture!

May 3 2010

Love this flower!!

May 2 2010

Let's take a ride!

May 1 2010

Oh what fun splashn in the mud!

April 30 2010

Kimberly, Stephanie, and I made a trip to the awesome IKEA in Atlanta!
Steph had never been before, we had a lot of fun shopping!!

April 29 2010

A Georgia Rose!
The flowers were pretty and the weather was awesome!

April 28 2010

Looks like Kimberly is up to something!!

April 27 2010 #2

Cody had a little accident!  

April 27 2010

Fun pictures in the shade garden!