September 25 2012

Talking to my little iPad Lady.
Oh she was cracking me up!!=)

September 24 2012

What do you do when you are 
grounded from TV?
You read a book!
Maybe I should ground him more often!!

September 23 2012

Going Fishing!!

My fishing pool! I didn't catch a fish so no one took my picture =(

September 21 2012

New Cards!
Anyone up for a game of Nertz?

September 20 2012

Luther - 9 months old
He is supposed to be Cody's Pup but I am
thinking when Cody moves out
Luther will be staying!

September 19 2012

Hunter's artwork for his "new" bathroom.
(It's sideways)
Tip your head and see if you can figure out
who it is.

September 18 2012

September 17 2012

September 16 2012

September 15 2012

Spending time together in the
Artsie Fartsie Room.
He wasn't feeling well today, and he
is grounded from TV so he had
to find other ways to entertain himself. HaHa!
and Just for your info I had to tell him to at least
put pants on. HaHa!

September 14 2012

Love the cool weather and
being able to work in the
Artsie Fartsie room
with the windows open!

September 13 2012

September 12 2012

Twelve on the 12th!!
I had a little help! See if you can 
tell who was "helping" me!

September 11 2012


September 09 2012


September 01 2012


September 05 2012

September 04 2012

September 03 2012

My organized closet.

September 02 2012

Miss Grace
Grandma Shirley made homemade donuts!

August 31 2012

There is always something to drive
on the farm.
And no Hunter doesn't have shoes
on, he left them at home.
He may be a little like his mom, haha!

August 29 2012

So it says 100% beef so that
means it is not 100% hamburger,
so I wonder what other parts of that
cow are in there?