October 22 2011

Fall Splendor!

October 21 2011


October 20 2011

Making out his Christmas List!

October 18 2011

Hunter's styln Pumpkin!

October 17 2011

Surprise pumpkin in the flower garden!
I love pumpkins!!

October 16 2011

After an afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch
we came back to Mom & Dad's and
carved pumpkins.
Emma liked eating them the best!!
There are more pics here:

October 15 2011

Dreamy Milkweed!

October 14 2011

The Many Faces of Hunter P!

October 13 2011

I had to take this picture for church and it was the
only one I took so enjoy Hunter's lovely toothbrush!

October 12 2011

 Tree Decor!!

October 11 2011

Fall is here, Hunter and I enjoyed
a nice walk down the road!
click here to see more pics:

October 10 2011

Ninja sword fighter vs. Toilet Paper!!

and by the way the people (teens) who
teepeed us were not that good!!