October 20 2013

 If you want a caramel apple you have to smile! 

Finding the perfect pumpkins!

October 19 2013

Love this Duck Tape!

October 18 2013

A couple of our art projects!

October 17 2013

Hunter and Rocky!

October 16 2013

A little fall decor!

October 15 2013

Look what my friend Steph made me
they are so adorable!

October 14 2013

 Not sure what this weed is called
but it is cool looking.
Plowboy hard at work!
Love that guy!

October 12 2013

There was a cat at the end of the road so
Hunter got out of the car and walked
it to our house!

October 11 2013

My Groovy Container!

October 09 2013

My Happy Cup!

October 07 2013

Poor baby got this bruise from paintballing!
I heard they had a great time though!

October 06 2013

Pretty "Red Star Flowers"

October 05 2013

A rainy day to go
rummaging with
Brian, Cristy, and Shelley!

October 04 2013

I Love Duct Tape and
I Love Pumpkins!!!

October 01 2013

Happy October!