July 11 2012

Legos Legos Legos

July 10 2012

Draining the pond at Orchardville Church
Bernard is waiting for the fish and
catching them.
Fun times! 
and Fun times to come!!

July 09 2012

One of my first and very few sewing projects from
years ago. The ear and side of the face needed repaired
so my Mom fixed him up for me!
(She sews 24-7!!)
I couldn't just throw him away! I made him
out of an old blanket that was my Grandpa Lairds,
that I used forever!!

July 08 2012

We had a little storm,
we  had a couple of limbs down.
But it brightened up the flowers!
Wish I would have got a picture of everyone 
scrambling out of the pool trying to 
keep the umbrellas from blowing away!
Oh My!!

July 07 2012

We dissected an Owl Pellet,
see the little bones!!

July 5 2012

I'm a Pepper!!

July 6 2012

Hunter Perry,
Like I said if I waited for him to wear clothes
I would never take pictures!!
Such a cutie pie!!

July 04 2012

Happy Birthday America!!

July 02 2012

Finally a little rain,
but it's to late for our Field Corn,
it didn't pollinate.

July 01 2012

They love each other soooooo much..............=)

June 30 2012

June 29 2012

 Our Sweet Corn looks a little Sad!
Our Apple tree on the other hand..
has too many apples. Needs a 
good trimming or something!!

June 26 2012

June 24 2012

Cody and Andrea enjoying the
Orchardville Church
Firework Extravaganza!!
"Steve" has an awesome chair,
Cody has a lot of room to grow into it!

June 23 2012

Enjoying the outdoors!

June 21 2012

Seeds of Faith Guides
you have been
Silly Stringed!

June 20 201

The Awesome cooks at Seeds of Faith Camp
lead by Joy Patterson!!
Low Country Boil
Ruth's Awesome Pineapple!!

June 19 2012

My friend Earl,
gotta love that smile!

June 18 2012

Jenifer and her friend!

June 17 2012

My mom bought me a car,
a Sharpie car!

June 15 2012

Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day
to the best Dad and Husband around.
(Okay if I waited for Hunter to wear
clothes to take a picture, I would
never have pictures!!)

June 14 2012

Happy Flag Day!
Guess I should have taken a picture
of a flag...but I didn't.
 but Happy Flag Day anyway!!

June 13 2012

The day after camp!

June 12 2012

Green Team Rocks!!!
2nd place winners!!

June 11 2012

Yummy Lunch!

June 10 2012

Orchardville Church
Kids Camp 2012
We had an Awesome time!!

June 09 2012

Jordan and Hunter cooling off in the pool.

June 06 2012

At the Turtle Race,
thanks to Michelle we had a turtle!
We lost him once, he climbed out of his
box-fell off a tall table-landed on concrete-
and found his way under the treadmill.
But we found him just in time for the races!!

June 05 2012

What a cute little farmer we have!

June 04 2012

Cody painting at his house!!

June 03 2012

Looking for turtles for the 
Girls of Grace
Boys of Strength
Turtle Race
and there was none,
I mean not a single one,
to be found!!

June 02 2012

Red Hot Poker

June 01 2012

Don’t feed the trolls anything except Skittles. Trust me.

May 31 2012

Sweet Girl!