October 23 2014

Spent some time with Plowboy! Love this guy!

October 17 2014

Somebody is up to something!

October 16 2014

Happy Fall!

October 12 2014

Randomness from my phone.

October 11 2014

Fun day at the pumpkin patch!
We may or may not have used
two wagons?
Crazy for pumpkins!!

October 10 2014

One of my finds at
Blue's Junk Fall Gathering.
I put some art supplies in
each jar.

October 09 2014

Pretty flowers at my friend's shop!

October 04 2014

Breakfast before paint ball!

October 01 2014

Summer is over but my geranium still
looks pretty!

September 26 2014

I bought this at Fairfield Wal-mart,
when I got home I found the dollar
rolled up in it!!!

September 25 2014

Pumpkin Painting!

September 21 2014

 Taking a drive around the block,
 with HP driving!
 tobacco farm,
 the Amish neighbors,
 they must have had Church,
 oh my HP has to pass!
Kevin planted these trees 22 years ago!