June 09 2013

God's Promise over 
Camp Orchardville!

June 08 2013

Harvest Time!

June 07 2013

Time for some pool party fun!

June 06 2013

Pool Time!

June 04 2013

Take a little walk through my garden.

May 31 2013

 Hunter's Cactus,
he wanted some after he saw
Aunt Sherley's!
See my huge hosta!

May 30 2013

Aunt Sherley's Roses
Aunt Virginia matched her pins
to the quilt!

May 29 2013

Come and sit awhile!

Hunter's turtle all ready for the
turtle races at Orchardville Church!

May 26 2013

Remembering Jamie Memorial Day weekend.

May 24 2013

Biting his bottom lip just like his mom!

May 22 2013

Wearing orange for Pastor Mark!

May 21 2013

From my garden.

May 19 2013

Bat Boy having a snack!

May 18 2013

We had a fun day of chunkin'
at Camp Orchardville!

May 16 2013

Another one of Hunter's
attic finds!

May 12 2013

Ahhhh, someone left me a jar
of flowers by my office door!

May 11 2013

Chester and Janet's Wedding
what a sweet couple!!

May 10 2013

Just a few pics of my organized
Artsy Fartsy Room!!

May 07 2013

Hunter did this on purpose!
He knows I don't like them to be the
same color!!!
I like each one to be a different color!!!

May 06 2013

I need to keep Hunter out of the attic!
He always finds a treasure!

May 05 2013

Some kind of lantern that Kevin
found at the shed!

May 04 2013

Police Car Boat by Hunter P Lowe!

May 03 2013

A Little Slime will do!

May 02 2013

Hunter's gift for me, he
made it in Boys of Strength.
Thanks HP!

May 01 2013

I had the best teacher!
Thanks Angel!

April 30 2013

My cute little lens cap saver!

April 27 2013

My rummage find for the day,
less than $10 for all three!

April 26 2013

I love it when Kevin fixes bacon on the grill!! 

April 25 2013

April 23 2013

The only photo I took today was
this one that I sent in a text.
I am not doing very good with 
my photo of the day this year!!!
Oh well my blog my rules!

April 22 2013

Puppy Love!