March 30 2013

What we do for fun at Gma Shirley's!
Hunter, Andrea, Cody, Jordan, Garrett.
and Hunter has his belly up it just looks
like his back, weird!!

March 28 2013

One of my drawings for drawing class.

March 26 2013

Just playing around.

March 24 2013

Saturday it was 50 degrees in St Louis,
Sunday on our way home it was a blizzard!

March 23 2013

Checking out the welding job,
that is something I would have never noticed.
But Kevin would have never noticed
the graphics on this sign.

March 21 2013

As I have said before
"I love my job!"

March 20 2013

Working on one of his oh so many projects!

March 19 2013

March 16 2013

My Mouse Hauler!

March 15 2013

Ah, Sunshine!

March 14 2013

Working on a project.

March 12 2013

I LOVE drawer pulls!!
Old or new doesn't matter!
Hobby Lobby has some fun ones!

March 11 2013

Oh My what a mess! I started
organizing my Artsy Fartsy Room!
Took everything out of the closets and
some of the drawers.
Happy to say it is all organized now
I just need to take a picture of it!

March 10 2013

 Poor baby was sick,
but chap-stick
and grandma
made her feel better!

March 08 2013


March 07 2013

Yum! One of my favorite Easter Candies!

March 05 2013

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

March 03 2013

Vintage fun from my mom,
we think it may have been from
when I was a baby.
Which means I am vintage =)

March 02 2013

See the Rainbow?

February 28 2013

See they do get along!

February 27 2013

Spending too much time on the ipad!

February 26 2013

Paper Straws are always a hit!

February 25 2013

I don't know why but I love these tumblers!
Vintage find of the day.

February 24 2013

Emma and her friend.

February 23 2013

Nerf fun, he looks so tough with that orange mustache!

February 21 2013

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

February 19 2013

New folders for a new year!

February 18 2013

Enjoying his favorite shake at his favorite place!
Mint Oreo
Steak 'n Shake!

February 17 2013

Thanks for coming to my birthday party!!

February 16 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!
Thanks for the flowers Aunt Lanora and Uncle Red.

February 15 2013

My new light that hangs over the bathtub.
Thanks Kevin for hanging it up, love it!!

February 14 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 12 2013

Puffy balls ready for my party!

February 11 2013

Spring has sprung!