December 29 2014

Poor Hunter has the flu.

December 25 2014

Merry Christmas!
We had a blessed day!

December 21 2014

Sunday before Christmas,
long gone are the days I
get to dress my little boy
up in a cute Christmas outfit!

December 18 2014

A Little Photobooth fun!

December 16 2014

Merry Christmas!
Click here for some more Christmas:

December 13 2014

A frosty snack we made at
5 Hours of Freedom!

December 12 2014

Old tins just make me happy!

December 11 2014

My little chalkboard sign!

December 10 2014

A few Christmas Decorations!
Lovn' me some Christmas!

December 06 2014

Always nice to see an encouraging
word on our pizza box!

December 05 2014

Do You wanna build a snowman?

December 01 2014

Lovn' his new boots!

November 27 2014

 Like Father...
Like Daughter!

November 26 2014

Making acorns or Eating acorns?
Caught in the act!

November 23 2014

Making Acorns!

November 22 2014

Not sure how he can sleep like that!

November 21 2014

Working hard on that paperwork! 

November 18 2014

Made me some boot socks!

November 17 2014

Poor thing didn't make it!

November 16 2014

Aunt Pam gave me this old suitcase it is 
perfect for my photo booth props!

November 14 2014

The deer love the acorns!