December 14 2013

Merry Christmas tree!

December 13 2013

I love my Christmas Fiesta!

December 11 2013

Hunter organized the bands,
he may be a little OCD!

December 10 2013

It's cold out there!

December 09 2013

One of my favorite ornaments!

December 08 2013

I remember playing with these at
my Aunt Pam's house when I was little.
Thanks Aunt Pam!

December 07 2013

"Happens to every guy sometimes this does."

December 06 2013

"May the Force be with you!"

December 04 2013

Markers Markers!

November 28 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!
My Uncles and One Aunt!
I set up a photo booth at our Thanksgiving Party,
for more pictures from the 
party click HERE!

November 27 2013

Helping me set up my Thanksgiving Photo Booth!

November 25 2013

Hunter's "apron" actually a cape
from VBS a few years back!

November 24 2013

My new/old medicine cabinet!

November 23 2013


November 22 2013

Our new toy!

November 18 2013

I see the moon and the moon sees me!

November 16 2013

In charge of the fire,
look at those sparkle glasses!
The poor boy is in pain because
he burnt his hand. So his
dad told him he would be fine and
gave him a pair of gloves.

November 11 2013

A tasty Halloween treat from
Aunt Cristy, click HERE to
see if he liked it!

November 10 2013

Matthew West concert with friends!
Fun times!

November 08 2013

Art Class project!

November 06 2013

No clue why I took a picture of
pampered chef!

November 05 2013

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes!
Thanks for the recipe Andrea K.,
they were yummy!

November 02 2013

Another one of my retro favorites,
Old Fans!

November 01 2013

I Love Fall!

October 31 2013

He has used this
cup since he got it!

October 29 2013

The Thinker?

October 27 2013

In the truck-following
the combine-driven by
Fun, Fun, Fun!

October 26 2013

More washi tape/Duck Tape pumpkins!

October 25 2013

My art project!

October 24 2013

Washi tape pumpkin!
I have so much fun with
duck tape and washi tape!!

October 23 2013

Playing with Paint

October 22 2013

May the force be with you!

October 21 2013

 I love pumpkins that are different!
 Rocky loves her new home!

October 20 2013

 If you want a caramel apple you have to smile! 

Finding the perfect pumpkins!

October 19 2013

Love this Duck Tape!

October 18 2013

A couple of our art projects!

October 17 2013

Hunter and Rocky!

October 16 2013

A little fall decor!

October 15 2013

Look what my friend Steph made me
they are so adorable!