July 18 2010

The cat with no name!

July 17 2010

Our Amish Neighbor's tobacco field.

July 16 2010

Kevin has started painting our Artsie/Fartsie craft/toy room!!

July 15 2010

It was too humid to take pictures!

July 14 2010

Enough already!!
(this is what happens when I wait until the last
minute to take a picture which I do a lot!!)

July 13 2010

Our new kitty.

July 12 2010

Who knows what Hunter was thinking?

July 11 2010

Hunter's Garden!

July 10 2010

A few of my favorite girls!!  
On our way to see "Wicked" it
was Awesome!  

July 09 2010

Up Close and Personal!

July 08 2010

Evening Rain

July 07 2010

It was a long trip home from Pennsylvania we drove it in one day!
I entertained myself by taking pictures out the car window.
I like the sun flair on this picture.

July 06 2010

We went to Pennsylvania to meet some of the guys Jamie
was in Afghanistan with.  They had a paddle
party for the 3 fallen Marines.

July 05 2010

Our lodge room had a deck which overlooked the lake.

July 04 2010

Resting in the Hotel room half way to Pennsylvania,
took us forever to find a room! 

July 03 2010

Jump right on in!

July 01 2010

Hunter's awesome shell collection!  
Kevin and Hunter worked hard collecting all those shells!

June 30 2010

I love office supplies!  Love going to Staples!

June 29 2010

Taking a little break!!  

June 28 2010

Oh it's going to taste good!!

June 27 2010

Mr frog enjoying a bath in our driveway,
must have watched the OC Fireworks!

June 26 2010

Pretty flowers at the rest area.

June 25 2010

We were stuck in traffic for a long time!!  We entertained ourselves 
by taking random pictures!!
Our future vacation home.  
Actually it is a rest area in Kentucky.

Reflecting on vacation, or who knows what he is thinking!
Well Miss Dolly was in Kentucky!

June 24 2010

Butterfly Shell!
Beach Time!!
Two cute boys!!  Watch out girls!!
Go Emma Go!!
Shelley and me in a few years!  We are going to live on the beach!
My head!  "It's stuck!!"

June 23 2010

Sunrise!  Yes I got up at 5:00 two mornings in a row!!