April 13 2011

Just waiting on those Amish to come
and use these pretty little boards!


The Crabapple is blooming!!

April 11 2011

We went mushroom hunting.
We found about 40 little mushrooms
and had tons of fun!

April 10 2011

My mom's tulip all bloomed out!!

April 09 2011

Flat Stanley helping us paint at 
the new Fairfield Orchardville Church!

April 08 2011

Let's play the guessing game:
Does anyone know what this is?
It's an easy one!!

April 07 2011

Horsin' Around
We fed the horses some apples today, they loved them!
Hunter was funny to watch he wouldn't get close and he
rolled the apples under the fence instead of feeding
them to the horses by hand.

April 06 2011

My little model!

April 05 2011

Are you ready for vine-ripened tomatoes?
This poor little tomato was left over from last year.
Whoops Mom you missed some!!

April 04 2011

April showers bring May flowers,
I love a little spring rain!!

April 03 2011

My mom's pretty tulips just waiting to bloom!!

April 02 2011

Uncle Kenny saves the day,
Kevin hit the water line while he
was building his garage.

And the pear trees are so pretty!!

April 1 2011

I see you!  April fools!
I don't know I just thought my sugar cookies
needed a little color!!

March 31 2011

The Pear Trees are starting
to bloom!

March 30 2011

Remember when?

March 29 2011

More springeeenessss!!!

March 28 2011

A little walk through the woods,
despite the snow spring is on the way!

March 27 2011


March 26 2011

Thanks for the flowers Hooperz!!

March 25 2011

We woke up to snow!!

March 24 2011


March 23 2011

Latest member of our family,
The Bubba Bar-B-Q!!

March 22 2011

Hunter's new game,
I would have saved money if
I would have just bought paper cups and ping pong balls!