March 21 2011

Toes in the sand!

March 20 2011

Getting ready to ride the new dirt bike!
He fell off a few times, but he
got right back on.

Blast from the Past Saturday

Jamie and Hunter from January 2004.
Actually it was taken December 27 2003
7 years, 3 months, 5 days, 6 hours, 52 minutes, 37 seconds ago
according to Jeffrey's Exif viewer

March 19 2011

Saturday Morning!

March 18 2011

New Friends!

March 17 2011

Two for St Patrick's Day.

March 16 2011

Someone is cleaning up the junk across
the road from us.  I wonder why?

March 15 2011

Hunter set up my RPOTD for me =)

March 14 2011

I remember picking dandelions for 
my mom and putting them in small 
vases like this one.

March 13 2011

Something I found in my Mom's
sewing room.  It looks so
retro!  I don't know why but I love
stuff like this!

March 12 2011

Spring is starting to show up everywhere!!
I love the red in this photo.

March 11 2011

Fixed me a nice little salad,
was going to take a picture of Cody
since it is his Birthday but he
is nowhere to be found!  
19 and too old for his Mom's POTD!!

March 10 2011

Love my Fiesta Ware!

March 09 2011

We've been eating lots of apples lately.

March 08 2011

For some reason Hunter cuts off the
tips of his beef jerky before he eats it.
"Cause the tips don't hardly have any meat
and they are hard to bite into!" Hunter

March 07 2011

Kevin is working on the long form Census!
Looks like he is really concentrating 

March 06 2011

Pretty Roses!

March 05 2011

I made some cute little baskets in basket class!!
They look so springy!

March 03 2011

Look what my friend Gloria gave me
two old cups!  Love them!!

March 03 2011

No Photo of the day yet + low light + Hunter who loves to get his picture taken 
+ baseball gear that was never used = fun photo shoot

March 02 2011

TLC and Spring!!

February 28 2011

I got some office supplies for
my birthday, love office supplies.
Staples is one of my favorite stores!!

February 27 2011

It's time to start farming!!

February 26 2011

Sweet Blackberry pie!!

February 25 2011

My cute little photographer again!
Hope he always has a love for photography!!

February 24 2011

Love sharing photography with

February 23 2011

I don't know I just like how it looks :)

February 21 2011

So most of you know that Hunter never wears
shoes, well he also runs around with one
sock on and one sock off.  I have no
clue why and neither does he!

February 20 2011

Emma having a moment!

February 19 2011

Oh well I didn't take this picture!

February 18 2011

Snackage for the Girls trip!

February 17 2011

Flat Stanley came for a visit
he has been having a great time
visiting with the Lowe's, we
will miss him when he goes home!

February 16 2011

Funny not sure what kind of look that is!!

February 15 2011

Enjoying a spring like day!

February 14 2011


February 12 2011

Preparing for the big party day!

February 11 2011

ZuZu Ninjas!!

February 10 2011

Must be something interesting
on the television! 

February 09 2011

A Day on the Farm

February 08 2011

Is spring on the way?
I hope!!

February 07 2011

TLC enjoying the snow!

February 06 2011

Out for a Sunday Drive,

February 05 2011 take two

Just had to post this cute little blue bird even
if I already posted my Random Photo of the Day!!

February 05 2011

I made this cute basket in basket class,
Gina W made me the scarf!!
Love them both!!

February 04 2011

Run Chicken Run!!!

February 03 2011