March 07 2014

One of Hunter's favorite snacks.

March 06 2014

It's a Skittle kind of night!

March 05 2014

Trying to exercise on a
flat exercise ball.

March 04 2014

Getting ready for Cody's Birthday Party!

March 03 2014

I love this calendar in
my Artsie Fartsie Room!

March 02 2014

We  tried making brownies from
scratch but they didn't turn out.
We are sticking to our boxed
brownies they are the best!

March 01 2014

Veggie Soup!

February 28 2014

Our Andy Warhol art project!

February 27 2014

Spelling Words.

February 26 2014

Cindy makes the best snacks
for our Wednesday nights!
She made these for the 
Pinewood Derby.

February 25 2014


February 24 2014

February 23 2014

Kevin gives Hunter and me a hard
time for bringing home junk, and
then he brings us stuff like this!
Hunter took the balls, I took
the basket!

February 22 2014

My new three tier dish that I made from
my target plates and candlesticks from dollar

Apples always look more appealing
when they are in a cute
cheese box!