February 02 2013

Farm treasures found in Kevin's
tractor he bought at
His Grandpa Lowe's auction.

January 31 2013

Lovin' me some snow!

January 30 2013

I love the new graphics at

January 29 2013

I didn't take a picture but
I did take a video
even if I did have my phone
the wrong way.
Kevin was under the house working
on our water lines and
Hunter was ready to take
a bath and use the 
"I want to use my bathroom"

January 28 2013

Well I waited until late in the day 
to take
a Photo of the Day so
Mr Robot helped me out!

January 27 2013

I set up a photo booth at Hunter's 
Birthday Party,
I love this one of my
Mother-in-law and Mom.
Click the link below to see more photo booth pictures!

January 26 2013

Getting the photo booth
ready for the Birthday Party!!

January 25 2013

Hunter is fascinated by these acorns!

January 24 2013

I loved this skateboard
back in the day.
I guess it would be vintage/retro

January 23 2013

Lovin' me some retro!

January 22 2013

Some vintage goodness
from my bestie Shelley!!

January 21 2013

Happy Birthday Hunter!!
He wanted pizza from Citgo and
that is what he got!

January 20 2013

Miss Lydia Boone!!
and yes I had to bribe her with
candy to take her picture!

January 19 2013

Like Mother like Son haha!
Our matching boots!

January 18 2103

Just hanging out!