November 09 2014

Mom finally got her flag up!

November 07 2014

A lazy day for

November 05 2014

There's a bad moon on the rise!

November 04 2014

This family voted!

November 02 2014

Some of my old quilts
on an old ladder.
The top one is my baby quilt,
the 2nd one is made by my aunt, a cousin, and my mom
out of my Grandma Solomon's aprons.
the next two I think were made by my mom when
she was younger.
The Turtle quilt was made by my mom's grandma.
The wedding ring was made by my mom for Kevin and me.
The next two are just random ones I picked up.

November 01 2014

Spent a little bit of my Saturday Morning
with Plowboy.

October 31 2014

Happy Halloween.
"Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin"

October 27 2014

Not sure what this is called, I think
I called it Rabbit's Ear when I was
a kid. I used to eat it! Kind of bitter.

October 26 2014

Family fun at the pumpkin patch,
my mom and I were there too, but those
pictures are on her camera.

October 24 2014

 I had a little help planting tulips!
Sunshine loves Hunter!