April 30 2015

These were stacked together
so it was meant for me to buy them!!

April 29 2015

I bought this in Orchardville.

April 26 2015

Hunter will be in
8th grade next year,
where does the time go?

April 24 2015

Got Thread?
My mom sure does!!

April 18 2015

Watch out Amish!
Not sure I am ready for him 
to get his license in 3 years!

April 17 2015

One of the wreaths I made this year.

April 16 2015

So glad I remembered
to plant tulips last year!

April 14 2015

My favorite! and these are
so cute!

April 13 2015

April 12 2015

Fishing with the boys, Hunter doesn't have much patience, and for 
those who never see Kevin smile!
Cody my OCD son lined up all the fish (they
would have all been facing the same way but 
the fish wouldn't cooperate)