October 20 2012

Let's Roll

I taught Nena, Jodi, and Shelley
how to make pumpkin rolls!
It was so much fun.
Hunter was my little helper!

October 18 2012

I didn't know when I told Hunter to 
tape this to the wall that he was
going to use 40 pieces of tape!
Happy Halloween!

October 17 2012

We LOVE Homework! NOT!!!!!

October 16 2012

It's Search and Rescue day in the Lowe House!

October 15 2012

Fall prettiness in Orchardville!

October 14 2012

This is all I've got!

October 13 2012

Who knew Hunter could
Rock a Mustache?!

October 12 2012

On our way to SuperStart a 4th and 5th grade 
conference in St Louis.
The girls drove the boys crazy with all
their singing in the van!

October 11 2012

October 09 2012

Time to Harvest the Tobacco!

October 08 2012

The pretty little bowl my Mom gave me=)

October 06 2012

Going Hunting!

October 05 2012

October 04 2012

Pretty Thistle!

October 01 2012

Hunter's favorite snack.

September 29 2012

Another great day of fishing!

September 28 2012

The back of the pizza box from Citgo.