February 11 2015

I don't know what it is about
enamel but I love it!

February 07 2015

Finally got my jewelry organized!

February 06 2015

Crazy Cat AKA "CC"

February 05 2015

February 04 2015

I'm ready to see some color in these trees!

February 01 2015

I haven't decided if I like these,
but if I did they could become
very addictive.

January 31 2015

Some of our Awesome
leaders having a little too
much fun at Winter Camp 2015!

January 30 2015

The canteen at Winter Camp
was a success, maybe
too much of a success!

January 29 2015

Practicing for photo booth. 

January 28 2015

Aunt Pam's find of the day.

January 27 2015

Three of my favorite colors!

January 26 2015

I am addicted to old suitcases!

January 25 2015

Hunter and Grandma celebrating
their birthdays!

January 24 2015

A little Valentine decor!

January 22 2015

Not a selfie fan!

January 21 2015

Adding the 13year mark to the wall,
he is a little shorter than
Jamie and Cody at
this age.
And for those who think
Hunter is quiet!

January 19 2015

Spending the day with my soon to
be teenager,
Steak'n Shake
and a 

January 18 2015

Ready for some organizing!

January 17 2015

Not sure what he is doing?

January 16 2015

My find of the day!