September 10 2011

So Pretty!

September 09 2011

Retro Skateboard!

September 8 2011

How's it going Mr. Tree Frog?

September 06 2011

September 05 2011

Fun with friends on Labor Day!!

September 04 2011

Just laying around.

September 03 2011

Don't Dave and Alane make a cute couple!!
Blackberry?  Nope,
seed for Blackberry Lily!

September 01 2011

Hunter Perry!

August 31 2011

Marshmallow face!

August 29 2011

Yay!  We have a sidewalk 
to the pool!!

August 28 2011

My little football player.

August 27 2011

Vintage Fun!!

August 25 2011

TLC - "Three Legged Cat"
ok so she could also be
called TEC - "Two Eared Cat"

August 24 2011

Kevin in his new garage, thinking about
where he is going to put stuff!
Yes we still need dirt so
I can park in there!!!!

August 23 2011

Go Chiefs!

August 22 2011

Hosta Bloom!

August 21 2011

I was just taking a picture of Lydia,
then Emma and Cody jumped in,
then Hunter jumped in,
then Sarah jumped in,
they wouldn't have wanted 
their picture taken if
I wanted them all in it!!
But it turned out cute anyway!

August 20 2011

Maybe a pumpkin?  I don't know!

August 19 2011

Flag Football,
Go Defense!!

August 18 2011

First day of 4th grade!

August 17 2011

Digging his toes in the sand!

August 15 2011

"The electric could bust and catch on fire!" Hunter

August 14 2011

We missed this smiling face while we were 
on vacation!

August 13 2011

Home with mountains of laundry!

August 12 2011

Captain!  There are Pirates on board!!

 Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? 
I'm a pirate, after all!

Where there is a sea there are pirates.

August 11 2011

Another day, Another beach, same beach bum!!

August 10 2011

This is the life laying on the beach in
Mexico!  That is our ship in the front!

August 09 2011

Towel Fun left by our cleaning lady!
We also learned how to make towel animals
on our cruise!!

August 08 2011

 First we toured a battleship,
 then we got on the cruise ship, soft bed!
Out on the Ocean!!

August 07 2011

Fun times in the car and stop
at Target for "oh I forgot"!