January 31 2012

Aah the puppies love their
Aunt Lolly Pop!

January 30 2012

Another picture of the quilt my
mom made me, and again
Hunter is asleep under it.
He seems to think he can take
over all my quilts.  Got news for him
he can't!!

January 29 2012

Hunter fell asleep on the way one
from the Hooper's,
with the quilt my mom made me
for Valentine's Day!

January 28 2012

Had a "fun" shopping day with
Hunter, Cody, and Andrea.
We found out that Hunter got
his shopping "traits" from me
and Cody got his shopping "traits"
from his dad!  Oh My!!

January 27 2012

Sweet Puppy!

January 26 2012

My sweet boy, Cody Lee,
brought me a Hi-C!!

January 25 2012

Just hanging around!

January 24 2012

Yes! I still have a pumpkin, but it
was too cute to pitch out in the 
So I will enjoy it until it is no longer 

January 23 2012

Building all those Legos he
got for his Birthday!

January 22 2012

 The Birthday Cake,
decorated by
Hunter Perry Lowe
He finished the candles off
with a wave of his hand!

January 21 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Hunter!
He is decorating his cake
for his birthday party tomorrow!

January 20 2012

Well Zeke decided to stay for a little
while longer.
(actually I didn't notice him until a few days ago, haha)

January 19 2012

Cody's homemade sled, well it 
isn't finished.
Now if it would snow enough for
him to use it.

January 18 2012

What a sweet smile!

January 17 2012

Building garages and roads
and barns out of anything he
can find.

January 16 2012

 Cody the great "Hunter"

January 15 2012

Hunter likes to draw, paint, color,
anything artsie.

January 14 2012

Poor Hunter was sick and
had to miss going to see
the Harlem Globetrotters with 
Gma Shirley and his cousins.

January 13 2012

Lolly Pop hanging out in the garage
keeping warm.

January 12 2012

It snowed just in time for my 12 on 12!
This year I am taking 12 photos on the 12th 
of every month (well I am going to try anyway).
I got the idea from here:

January 11 2012

My sister brought me snacks
because I was sick=)

January 10 2012

Can you see the clown behind the clown? =)

January 09 2012

There's a bad moon on the rise.

January 08 2012

My sister and her husband were
baptized today!
Way to go Cristy and Brian!

January 07 2012

 My word for 2012!

Someone stuck hats in the Walmart
freezer, it cracked Hunter up, he
kept saying who would do that!
He found 3 hats, I wouldn't have even
noticed them if he wouldn't have been with me!

January 06 2012

Goodbye Gingerbread house!!
"The glasses are for protection" said Hunter

January 05 2012

Sadie and her new puppies,
born December 28 2011.
She is the other dog we are
taking care of.

January 04 2012

Hunter and Lolly Pop,
we are taking care of her while
her owners get adjusted to their new home 
after their old home caught fire.

January 03 2012

Poor Lolly Pop
looks so sad, she wants to come in.
She jumps up on a table outside of our
kitchen window so she can look inside.

January 02 2012

Kevin's sick, I'm sick, yuck not 
the best way to bring in the new year!!

January 01 2012

Happy New Year!!
I can't believe this will be my
third year taking a Random Photo of the Day!!
I don't always get a picture taken everyday,
I don't always just post one picture for one day,
but oh well I just make up the rules as I go along!!
Hope you enjoy another year of 
The Random Lens

December 31 2011

He has played and played
with this clothes basket for days!!

December 30 2011

 Nertz Party!!  Fun Times!
That is Amy's "Don't take my picture cause it
will end up on your blog" face!
Justine didn't seem to mind that I took 
her picture!