June 17 2011

Poor Kitty!!

June 16 2011

Summer Flowers

June 15 2011

I Wanna Fly!

June 14 2011

Happy Flag Day!!

June 13 2011

Big Catch of the Day!

June 12 2011

Doesn't anyone want this
cute little adorable Kitten!!

June 11 2011

Our tree is finally getting some pine cones!

June 10 2011

Purple Cone Flower!

June 09 2011

Some kind of dead plant *shrugging my shoulders*
I just thought it would be a cool picture.

June 08 2011

These crazy Cicadas were loud!!, and
there were tons of them!

June 07 2011

Hunter's bed at camp.
He was on the Blue Team can you tell!!

June 06 2011

Hunter playing one of the games at camp.
You had to try and get the cookie in your mouth
without using your hands.

June 05 2011

The Amazing Pinkalicious Team Leader!!

June 04 2011

Helping me practice for my 
"Photo Fun with Teresa"
at Camp, I set up a photo
booth for an activity it was
a lot of fun!

June 03 2011

Getting ready for camp!

June 02 2011

 We have 5 new kittens!
Free take one!

June 01 2011

Cool Turtle!
Hunter's turtle for the annual 
Girls of Grace/Rangers Turtle Race.

May 31 2011

Look what my mom found 
at a rummage sale.
Fun stuff.

May 30 2011

Putting flowers on Our Hero's grave.