July 27 2015

 While packing this little critter fell out of a dress! Yuck! Scream!!
 Yummy Banana Dessert!!
Thank ya, thank ya very much!

July 26 2015

June 25 2015

More beauty from Maui.

June 24 2015

ha 'uke 'uke, a.k.a. helmet or shingle urchin.

June 23 2015

The Island of Maui

June 22, 2015

 USS Missouri, Pearl Harbor
 I loved all the different trees.
 Baby Pineapple. 
Beautiful flowers!

June 21 2015

Enjoying the Luau. The poi was yuck! The pig and chicken were
yummy!! The haupia was yuck! The noodles were yummy!!

June 20 2015

 Hunter's first Hawaiian Kiss

 These two finally made it to Hawaii, they
traveled well. We didn't lose them once!!
I loved the banyan trees!