October 08 2011

My Mom with 9 of her brothers and sisters!
One sister (Nina Bailey) wasn't there and Aunt Delores passed away a few years ago.
They got together to celebrate my Uncle Don's Birthday.
Top Row: "My mom" Linda Legg, Aunt Pam Mays
Middle Row: Uncle Kenny Laird, Aunt Donna Faye Mays, 
Aunt Patsy Vaughan, Uncle Donald Laird
Bottom Row: Uncle Raymond Laird, Aunt Virginia Johnson,
Aunt Sherley Lowery, Uncle Dale Laird 

And my Great Niece had to jump in on this
picture!  Then when it was her turn she
wanted nothing to do with us!

October 07 2011

Home Sweet Home!

October 06 2011

Nothing like coloring with Crayola Crayons!!

October 04 2011

My little country boy
love the pajama pants
with rubber boots!!

October 03 2011

There is a lot of activity going
on in this Sedum Flower!

October 01 2011

Leaf art project, fun times!

September 30 2011

Working Hard!

September 29 2011

Art by Hunter and Teresa!

September 28 2011

Maybe I will take up painting!

September 27 2011

Goldenrod - Wildflower to Me - 
Weed to Kevin (and all those other farmers out there!)

September 26 2011

Hunter the Artist!

September 24 2011

Working on the drive, either he goofed up or he
is concentrating really hard!

September 23 2011

If you have seen Mr & Mrs Potato Head
please let me know, this is all that
was left of them.  I am worried!!

September 20 2011

Getting ready for race day!

September 19 2011

Yum!  It kinda looks like a little pig=)

September 18 2011

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness
has never danced in the rain!

September 17 2011

Lovely Hibiscus! 

September 16 2011

Garden Fresh!  
Just waiting for it to turn red!

September 15 2011

Guess what time of year it is??????

September 14 2011

Fun at School!

September 13 2011

I love my crabapples!