May 29 2012

Andrea and Cody working hard
painting the living room.

May 28 2012

The fields are all planted so now
it's time to plant the garden.

May 27 2012

Taking flowers to our Hero,
Cpl Jamie R Lowe!!

May 26 2012

Cody Rockin' the umbrella!

Well maybe not so Rockin' now!

May 23 2012

Jazzin' up my hat!
(Someday I am going to get a phone
with a better camera, haha!)

May 21 2012

Luther, just enjoying a day at the pool!

May 19 2012

Bargain of the day!!

May 17 2012

Daylilies are one of my favorites!

May 16 2012

Things have changed since the 50's...
Roof 1950's
Roof 2012
Walls 1950's
Walls 2012

May 15 2012

Cleaning out of the school desk!!
Yeah for summer!!

May 14 2012

The find for the day!
Treasures we found over at
our shed.

May 13 2012222

Gma Linda and Hunter love to play Dominoes!

May 12 2012

12 on 12!!

May 11 2012

Cody and Andrea on Graduation Night.
Congrats Cody Lee!!

May 09 2012

Hunter is sitting in the bathroom.

May 08 2012

Pretty Birds!

May 07 2012

Taco Night!

May 05 2012

Hannah and Billy
getting ready for prom!!

May 04 2012

After the haircut=)

May 03 2012

My Crazy Hair!

May 01 2012

Getting ready for the big day!
Cody graduates Wabash Valley College!!

April 30 2012

Working together planting some trees.

April 28 2012

A nice rock from Cody.

April 27 2012

How did he get so grown up???

April 26 2012

The foundation for our

April 24 2012

Warning this will be a more than one picture post!
Do you need a bird dog pup?
Don't bird hunt?
They don't care they just want a fun home!
Who could resist these cute little things??!!!

We lost one but found it laying on
the playhouse board.
Do you see it? That's Whitie!