August 18 2014

The spider webs were pretty this morning!!

August 17 2014

Sweet mama and her babies!

August 16 2014

Harvest time will soon be here!

August 15 2014

Me "I can't believe you are in 7th grade!"
Hunter "I know, you are getting old!"
Thanks Hunter!

August 13 2014

Fun day shopping with
Hunter, Shirley, and Andrea.
Lots of fun stuff!
 I wish I would have bought one of these
just not sure what I would do with it.

August 09 2014

My find for the day,
I love stuff like this!

August 08 2014

Going fishing with my man,
doesn't happen to often that he takes
off from work to spend time with me!

August 04 2014

Morning visitors, I took the picture
through the window I was afraid
they would run away if I opened the door.

August 03 2014

Out for a drive, the Amish tobacco 
is blooming.

August 02 2014

We drove home in one day,
way to long to be stuck in a car!

August 01 2014

Last day on the beach!

July 31 2014

A beautiful morning on the beach!