January 20 2011

Getting ready to go play in the snow!

January 19 2011

January 18 2011

I love colorful bendy straws!!

January 17 2011

Added a little word art and texture to this one. 
 (word art created by Teresa Lowe, the texture
overlay was from Jessica Sprague Frame Ups class.)

January 16 2011

Hunter and Emma playing games at 
Grandpa & Grandma's.

January 15 2011

I've been having fun shooting birds from 
my living room window.

January 13 2011

More flowers!  Thank you so much to those
of you who sent us flowers this week.
I think I will be buying me some when these die so I 
have something to take a picture of on these crazy cold,
poor lighting days ahead!!  Ready for some Spring!!

January 12 2011

It sure was cold out there!

January 11 2011

Never Forgotten!

January 10 2011

New windows!

January 09 2011

Only one little egg.

January 08 2011

The little poser of the family!

Blast from the Past Saturday

Well this was from September 2010 but it
is too cute not to share!
Logan and Hunter!

January 07 2011

It snowed today!
Here this morning, gone this afternoon!!
It was all gone before Hunter got home from
school.  It was pretty though!!

January 06 2011

My girls out enjoying the sunshine 
this morning!  Cody's horse was being
her normal self!! 

January 05 2011 Again!

Okay so this is the third photo of the day
but the sky looked so pretty!

January 05 2011

Gone are the days of Spring
Gone are the days of Summer
Gone are the days of fall
But winter is here!

January 04 2011

I ordered a canvas of some of my
(it's prettier in person not much light to take pics)

January 03 2011

I think I will leave this ornament out all year!

January 02 2011

Hunter with his new Build-a-Bear,
"Uno" the police officer dog!

January 01 2011

Enjoying New Years Day Breakfast
prepared by the famous chef
Ray Ray Pierson!!
Then we were off for a shopping date
with Hannah and Chris!!  Yay!

A Rap by Hannah Rapping Fox!!

Happy New Years!!