January 15 2015

What's  your key?

January 14 2015

a little art journaling for the day!

January 13 2015

My cute little snowman basket!

January 12 2015

Tried out my new ice cream maker attachment!
Tasted pretty good, can't wait to try more recipes!

January 11 2015

I miss that beautiful Christmas Tree
that used to be in front of these!

January 10 2015

It was a stay at home kindof night!

January 09 2015

One of my favorite bracelets! 

January 08 2015

Back on track after the holidays!

January 07 2015

Might be a little chilly for a game of croquet! 

January 06 2015

Yes I still need to take down my tree!

January 05 2015

I love buttons!

January 04 2015

My little shadow
dirty face and

January 03 2015

Spending time with friends in
our ugly shoes!

January 02 2015

I love this!

January 01 2015

My 2015 word of the year:
time to create more photos
create more designs
create more memories
create more time
create more time with friends
create more time with family
create more inspiration
create more!

January 01 2015

Goodbye 2014,
HELLO 2015!!

December 31 2014

For some reason Hunter doesn't like
grape candy. Any takers?