August 27 2013

Playing with Macro Lens.

August 25 2013

Pink Lemonade cookies,
interesting taste.

August 24 2013

This hummingbird was stuck in our
garage, Kevin and Hunter rescued it.

August 23 2013

Meet Cora Rose, 
My new great niece.

August 21 2013

My new pencil pouches!! 

August 19 2013

My new deck of cards!
Ready for some Nertz!!

August 18 2013

Family Time!

August 16 2013

First day of 6th grade!

August 15 2013

Hunter got a golf set free from someone's
yard. He found the rest of the golf clubs
he needed at CDC!

August 13 2013

Legos invading my space!

August 12 2013

Legos just seem to take over the house!

August 11 2013

Can you see me?

August 10 2013

Bro 1 and Bro 2 just hanging around!

August 09 2013

 Passion Flower
Hunter's cactus is doing
whatever it is that cactus do!

August 06 2013

The bags are ready to add
some delicious sweet corn!

August 05 2013

My retro medicine cabinet from Cody!

August 04 2013

Sweet Corn!

August 03 2013

It's a long way back to Illinois!
We had a great vacation!

August 02 2013

My little Beach Bum!

The dolphins surfing in our waves!

August 01 2013

It was a rainy day at the beach so we spent
some time at the Naval Museum,
then headed over to LuLu's for some food!
Good times! 

July 31 2013

 We had a good time at the Alligator Farm!
Doesn't Brian look lovely as
a girl pirate?

July 29 2013

Getting ready to parasail!
Look how confident they look!

July 28 2013

The view from our balcony! 
I love to sleep with the
door open and listen to 
the ocean all night long!

July 27 2013

It's always fun to stop at this
rest area in Alabama,
Jamie went to Space Camp
in Huntsville when he
was in grade school.

I just like the graphics
on Jack's products.
My mom learned
what graphics means
on vacation! =)

July 26 2013

Heading to the beach!!
Gulf Shores Alabama here
we come!

July 25 2013

I hit the 100,000 Mark!

July 22 2013