December 29 2011

Good Morning Cardinals!

December 28 2011

Bucket full of Knex!

December 26 2011

Playing with his new
Legos the day after Christmas!

December 25 2011

Christmas @
Gma Shirley's.
and yes we give up every 
year on having a picture where everyone
is smiling normal=)

December 24 2011

Christmas Eve at 
Gpa Russel's and Gma Linda's!

December 21 2011

Santa came to see the Girls of Grace
and Rangers Wednesday night!
Fun Times!

December 19 2011

That Zeke just won't stay out of the candy!!

December 18 2011

Emma and Hunter had fun decorating
the gingerbread house!

December 17 2011

December 16 2011

Our Christmas Tree is smiling!!=)

December 15 2011

Zeke found the Gingerbread House
good thing Hunter found him before
he ate it all!!

December 13 2011

Zeke resting in my wreath,
he sure does like to sleep after
that trip to the North Pole!

December 12 2011

Zeke riding Lydia's new toy
before I can even get it wrapped!

December 11 2011

Zeke all snug in a blanket must
have been a long trip back from
the North Pole.

December 10 2011

Looking in!

December 09 2011

Meet Zeke our Elf on the Shelf

December 08 2011

December 07 2011

Gearing up for 2012

December 06 2011

Yes you are Hunter!

December 05 2011

One of Hunter's Ornaments!

December 04 2011

Hunter's little tree!

December 03 2011

Time for some bird hunting!
Watch out Bob-White!!

November 30 2011

Playing pumpkin football!

November 29 2011


November 26 2011

Grace, Jordan, Garrett, Hunter
hanging out at Grandpa Lowe's auction!

November 24 2011

AAHHHH We always wanted a girl!!

November 21 2011

I Love these Things!!

November 19 2011

Funny Boy!!  Going to the mailbox for me.

November 18 2011

Working on one of the deers they killed.
Say thanks Teresa for not posting the

November 17 2011

 Hunter working on his papers and letter
for his Christmas Box,
In OC Kids we collected shoe boxes 
filled with toys for Operation Shoe Box.
Here is the letter Hunter put in his:

November 15 2011

"Happy Birthday Jamie!"

November 14 2011

What a face!

November 12 2011

On our way to the Marine Luncheon.
And for those who know Hunter, no
he did not make it through the luncheon
with all clothes intact! 
But he sure looked cute!

November 11 2011

At the hotel eating Long John Silver's,
on Saturday we are headed to the
Marine Birthday Luncheon.

November 10 2011

Looks like Cody is getting lots of advice
I wonder how much help they are?

November 09 2011

A strange weed with pretty colors!

November 08 2011

Hunter has been on a Jones Soda kick lately
I don't think my dad was to excited about them though!

November 07 2011

I should buy myself flowers more often!

November 06 2011

Father and son working together,
now I don't have to look out my
kitchen window and see that
ugly gas tank!

November 05 2011