January 2 - January 10 2010

So I didn't get this blog started at the first of the year so I am trying my best to
get caught up!  Here are the Random Photo Of The Day pictures for the first of January 2010!
This is Hunter's crazy little float that he made.  Very unique!
This is Hunter's toys that he usually has strung clear across the living room!
My organized plastic cabinet!!  Let's see how long it stays organized!
Gotta love the Color!
My new camera bag, bought it with some of my Christmas money.  
Cody looks real cute carrying it around!
Hunter's favorite snack, he eats it all the time!
Eating "Hunter's Pepperoni Pasta" his all time 
favorite dish.  With lots and lots of Parmesan Cheese! 
I only took pictures at Church this morning but I thought this
one of Misty was cute.  She helped with lesson, she is an
awesome girl.  Love her and her sister's!! (and Mom)

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